The Bachelor of Science in Marketing programme has been designed to produce competent marketing graduates with relevant skills which can be applied to solve problems within the marketing environment.  

The programme has been designed to meet the following objectives: 

  • Teach students the theoretical concepts of marketing with emphasis on Electronic Marketing 
  • Equip students with the basic and analytical skills in Marketing and Electronic Marketing. 
  • To develop capacities of graduate to conduct research in new developmental trends in marketing and social media. 
  • Equip students with professional skills and ethics in Marketing /Electronic Marketing. 
  • Develop transferable hands-on skills to levels demanded by employers, and to provide professional progression path to higher education. 

Admission Entry requirements

A. SSSCE Applicants 

Grade D or better in three (3) core subjects (English Language, Mathematics, (Core), Integrated Science or Social Studies) and any three (3) elective subjects. 
B. WASSCE Applicants 

Grade C6 or better in three (3) core subjects (English Language, Mathematics (Core), Integrated Science or Social Studies) and any three (3) elective subjects 
C. General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced level 

Passes in three (3) subjects (at least, one of the passes should be Grade D or better). Also, the applicant must have had credit passes (Grade 6) in five GCE Ordinary Level subjects including English Language, and Mathematics. 
D. General Business Certificate Examination 

GBCE Candidates: Credit Passes (A-D) in six (6) subjects comprising three core subjects including English Language, Business Mathematics and Social Studies or Science plus three (3) elective subjects. 
E. Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE) 

Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE) Candidates with Full Diploma Certificate in ABCE. Also, the applicant must have had credit passes in five (5) subjects including English Language, Business Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies in the General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE) or Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) or West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE). ABCE candidates may be considered for admission at level 200 of a degree programme 
F. Advanced Level and Professional Applicants 

a.    Candidates with part of Professional Certificates with a minimum of Part1 or Foundation 
Stage of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management 
Accountants, Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Bankers, Chartered Institute of Taxation, Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators, Institute of Commercial Management etc. may be considered for admission. 

b.    Candidates with Teachers’ Certificate ‘A’ and a pass in English, Mathematics and two business related subjects at the GCE ‘O’ level or Senior High School or GBC or RSA II etc. may be considered for admission. 
G. Post-Diploma and Professional Applicants for admission to level 300 

a)  HND from a recognised institution  
b)  Professional Diploma from a recognised institution  
c)  Any Three-Year tertiary Diploma from a recognised institution. 
d)  Candidates with level two (2) of professional certificates indicated in 22.6 (A) above 
d)  Any certificate that the GTEC certifies to be equivalent to a tertiary Diploma. 
H. Mature Applicants 

Mature students’ entry avenues to tertiary education provide opportunities for people who could not do so earlier in their lives to further their education at the tertiary level after some years in the workplace (preferably, the formal workplace).

The applicants must: 
a)  Be at least 25 years at the time of commencements of the academic year of Admission; 
b)  Show proof of age with birth certificate or any legitimate documentary proof of birth date which is at least 5 years old at the time of application; c) Have at least 2 years relevant work experience.  
d) Pass entrance examinations and / or interview 
I. Foreign Applicants 

Foreign applicants from accredited/recognized institutions will be considered for admission in consultation with National Accreditation Board for equivalent qualifications. 

Employment Opportunities

Candidates who successfully complete this programme will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required for a range of roles within the petroleum engineering environment. Graduates from this programme will be needed in the various sectors of the economy namely: 

  • Banking industry 
  • Insurance industry 
  • Education sector 
  • Health sector   
  • Public Service 
  • Telecommunication industry 
  • Mining industry  
  • Oil and Gas sector 
  •  Self employed 
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